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Team of Amazon veterans will use funding to accelerate deployment of services to retailers, e-commerce platforms and brands

Nov 7, 2019

Team of Amazon veterans will use funding to accelerate deployment of services to retailers, e-commerce platforms and brands

SEATTLE, WA — November 7, 2019 – Replenium, Inc., the industry-defining SaaS platform for automated replenishment, product subscription and predictive ordering, today announced that it has raised an $8 million Series A round led by GLP, a leading global investment manager that specializes in logistics and related technologies. Other participants in the round included existing investors and the company founders, Amazon veterans Tom Furphy and Justin Leigh. 

With this funding, Replenium will accelerate the deployment of its proven automated product replenishment solution to retailers, e-commerce platforms and brands. With a robust and growing customer base, the company plans to expand its reach and capabilities to enable more shoppers to save money and time by easily replenishing the products they use on regular basis. 

“GLP’s investment underscores the immense value and opportunity of Replenium as a core consumer offering for retailers and brands alike,” said CEO and Cofounder Tom Furphy. “Working with a global, blue-chip investor in GLP allows us to accelerate the transformation of the way routinely purchased products are obtained by shoppers. Shoppers value e-commerce breakthroughs that lower costs, increase speed or improve convenience. Replenium delivers on all three.” 

“The Replenium team has a proven track record and deep understanding of the evolution of e-commerce and how predictive technologies can help to automate and transform how products are purchased and received," stated executive leadership from GLP. "There is still a gap between growing e-commerce demand and logistics infrastructure, and technology and innovations like Replenium will help to close that gap by reducing friction between retailers and consumers to increase efficiency in the ecosystem.” 

John Zagula, advisor and founding partner of Ignition Capital, as well as a member of the GLP team, will join Replenium’s Board of Directors About Replenium Replenium delivers intelligent product replenishment solutions which fundamentally improve the way consumers shop for everyday products. 

With Replenium, any retailer or brand can offer their customers ways to discover, manage and replenish products with little effort and in a fraction of the time of traditional shopping. Founded in 2015, Replenium’s leadership led Amazon’s CPG business and the creation of several shopping innovations, including Subscribe & Save. 

GLP is a leading global investment manager and business builder in logistics, real estate, infrastructure, finance and related technologies. Our combined investing and operating expertise allows us to create value for our customers and investors. We operate across Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan, and the U.S. and have US$66 billion in assets under management in real estate and private equity funds. Learn more at

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