Our Virtual Leadership Summit was an exciting day with 12 Segments and 29 Speakers. If you missed any of sessions, please click on the image above.  It will take you to our YouTube page where you can view or review anything you didn't catch.  


Below are some highlights from our opening session, "Leading Through Turbulence", featuring Jim Donald, Co-Chairman of Albertsons as shared by Moderator, Kevin Coupe of MorningNewsBeat. 


“The most important action a company can take is to bring the business closer to the customer."  


4 Key Takeaways: 

  1. Move away from large format stores to small neighborhood stores

  2. Move away from traditional methods of getting products to micro-fulfillment centers

  3. Move away from real estate and work at home whenever you can

  4. De-invest in systems that put all of the authority in the C-Level and invest in systems that allow the front lines to have more authority. 

For most companies today, markets are changing drastically, and more rapidly than the time it takes to adjust business models and methods. As brand manufacturers and retailers, radical new ideas must be explored to survive; some companies are even thriving in this new environment. We invite you to take advantage of the power of collective learning with a ground-breaking Virtual Leadership Summit focusing on how to de-invest to re-invest for an immediate adaptation strategy.

Leaders from a broad range of industries spanning entertainment, services, software, manufacturers, retail and finance were featured during this interactive event. Participants gained actionable insights from discussions designed to equip you with strategies for evolving your organization to face both the challenges and opportunities that are accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Our list of speakers includes:

- Jim Donald, Co-Chairman and Board of Directors, Albertsons

- Beth Stiller, Chief Executive Officer, Massage Envy

- Luke Spiller, Lead Singer, The Struts

- Jessica Hauff, SVP Ecommerce, L'Oreal

- Sean Riley, Chief Executive DUDE, DUDE Wipes

- Chase Jarvis, CEO + Founder at CreativeLive

- Alan Yang, Chief Investment Officer, GLP

- Patrick Spear, CEO, GMDC

- Ken Beyer, EVP & President, Commerce & Lifecycle Services, Ingram Micro

- Jeriad Zoghby, Global Lead of Consumer Goods and Services, Accenture Interactive

- Andrea Leigh, VP Strategy and Insights, Ideoclick

- Ben Winters, Managing Director, Client Success, Ideoclick

Interviews and Moderation by Kevin Coupe of Morning News Beat, Thom Blischok, of The Dialogic Group, John Zagula of Ignition Capital, Justin Leigh of Ideoclick, Tom Furphy of Consumer Equity Partners.

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