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5 Star Review of Auto-Replenishment: Our Household Peacekeeper

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

As I imagine is the case in many households across the country, in my house, running out of key household and grocery items creates a total disruption in our semblance of order. With two sons who can be classified as “extra consumers” (both over 6’ tall, both active and rapidly going through food, clothes, and shower products) running out of mainstay products and groceries is not pleasant. I work full-time, rendering frequent trips to the store inconvenient. So, since March of 2020, corresponding with coronavirus precautions, we have been taking advantage of product and grocery delivery, and curbside pickup.

I have set up bathroom tissue, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, cosmetics, coffee, coffee creamer, dog food, and staple grocery items on auto-replenishment. The auto-replenishment system provides recommendations on the most frequent replenishment schedules according to the specific items, so I’m able to easily set the quantity and cadence. I’ve also been able to readily make adjustments as our household’s consumption habits change.

Through online auto-replenishment and setting my routine shopping to auto-pilot, I’m able to plan ahead and trust that our most commonly used household and grocery items will be delivered as needed, without fail. My online shopping experience has now become more about discovering new and special items and is immensely more enjoyable. Shopping is now about selecting items for specific recipes, special events, and special projects. I spend more time discovering new products and supplemental items that I wouldn’t have necessarily considered before. My family definitely appreciates the added variety in our meals and in our pantry.

Even though auto-replenishment offers me savings on our replenished items, I personally feel that the most significant benefit is knowing that we will never run out of stock on our most needed products. I feel like the household runs like a well-oiled machine! I can wholeheartedly say that auto-replenishment will remain my standard approach to shopping from here on out.


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