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  • Natalie Raines

Inflationary pressures are a retailer’s opportunity to secure long-term customers

The turbulence of the market and pressures of inflation have left most everyone in the retail industry feeling like we’re locked in a long-term earthquake in search of solid ground. The impact on the shopper has led to a variety of adjustments, with shoppers in every demographic changing their purchasing behaviors in one way or another, including switching where they shop.

While the reactions in the industry and amongst shoppers are all over the board, a unifying opportunity exists for retailers to both ease pricing pains and secure customers through, and beyond, this volatile period of time. This is the time for retailers to bring auto-replenishment to shoppers.

Following are the top six reasons retailers need to help their shoppers through offering auto-replenishment:

Replenium’s Auto-Replenishment Platform seamlessly integrates to a retailer’s existing ecommerce system and can be up and running in 12 weeks. Furthermore, retail brand partners fund the replenishment discount offers to customers. The resulting personalized connection and savings provided through auto-replenishment earn retailers and their brands repeat, loyal customers.

Now, more than ever, retailers that act to align with their customers’ needs through auto-replenishment will gain competitive advantages that will not wane with market volatility. Contact us for a demo or to learn more.


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