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The Next Generation of Shopper Loyalty

Frictionless Shopping Now Comes to Retailers

What is Replenium’s Auto-Replenishment Platform?

Take your customers’ shopping experiences and put them on auto-pilot! More advanced than a basic subscription service, machine-learning allows our Auto-Replenishment Platform to learn which products your customers use regularly, and when, for personalized automation of their routine shopping needs across your entire store. 


No need for customers to fear running out of their most used items - their digital baskets can be pre-filled just in time! Plus with friendly, easy-to-use tools, each customer is in full control to make sure their essential household or personal items are being purchased on their own, flexible schedule.

It’s simple - the future of shopping is not shopping!

Replenium is taking shopping to the next level for retailers, brands, and customers.


Why is Auto-Replenishment So Important?

Auto-replenishment integrates into your ecommerce experience to offer your customers a seamless replenishment shopping experience. It enables you to retain customers and drive sales to new heights.


For your customers

  • Provide peace of mind knowing that they’ll never run out of their most frequently used items

  • Simplifies the shopping process so more time is spent on new product discovery

  • The potential to get their items at discounted prices on a harmonized schedule


For retailers

  • Generate a steady flow of revenue and repeat customers

  • Proven larger basket sizes, on repeat

  • Gain valuable shopper data and trend insights

  • Enhance your ecommerce ROI through annuity revenue

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Replenium’s frictionless Auto-Replenishment Platform is designed for anywhere-integration and sits under your unique brand - so you maintain the personalized relationship with your own customers!

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