Replenium and auto-replenishment news coverage and announcements
Startups are pitching auto-replenishment services as data collection tools

June 7, 2021


In the e-commerce section of Modern Retail, this article covers services offering the reorder process of household products including groceries along with the potential value of the related data. Replenium's CEO, Tom Furphy, helps explain the current limitations around IoT/connected devices, and information on Amazon's Dash Replenishment program is explored.

Retailers are positioning for a post-pandemic reset

April 26, 2021


In Chain Drug Review's 2021 Annual State of the Industry Report, Replenium CEO Tom Furphy writes about what customers have come to expect: "Over the next few years — beyond Amazon — there is over $100 billion in e-commerce volume to be won, $20 billion in advertising dollars to be shifted and $50 billion in auto-replenishment sales to be locked in by retailers in the grocery, mass and chain drug sectors."

Frictionless shopping tools help reinforce loyalty

Dec. 8, 2020


December's issue of Chain Drug Review features a special report on Amazon and ecommerce with vital information about auto-replenishment. 

6 strategies for grocers preparing for the new e-commerce future

May 26, 2020


In this Grocery Dive article, retail experts, including Replenium's CEO Tom Furphy, share insights into how food retailers can retool their online operations...