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Replenium and auto-replenishment news coverage and announcements
8 Trends that will shape the grocery industry in 2023

January 4, 2023

This article explores the impact of inflation and other factors expected to affect the grocery industry, as predicted by industry experts including Replenium's CEO Tom Furphy. 

“The financially stressed consumer is going to drive a lot of the trends that happen next year,” said Tom Furphy, a former Amazon and Wegmans executive who is now CEO of e-commerce technology company Replenium. “Shoppers are going to be looking for value.”


August 22, 2022

Aligning with the NACDS TSE 2022 event, this Chain Drug Review article by Tom Furphy explores drugstore retailers' opportunity to create repeat shopper connections and savings through the auto-replenishment of health and wellness products. 

"Auto-replenishment, most predominantly brought to market by Replenium, is a SaaS shopping platform that uses machine learning and intuitive customer-facing tools to automate routine and repeat shopping activities. Auto-replenishment saves customers precious time and money, while delivering a transformational recurring-revenue model for retailers and brands. Not to be confused with traditional product subscriptions, auto-replenishment powers the entire shopping basket and adjusts to the dynamic needs of the shopper, which delivers a completely new and sticky experience."

The formula for engagement, retention, growth

April 22, 2022

In this special issue of Chain Drug Review, published during the NACDS Annual Meeting, Replenium's CEO Tom Furphy writes about how top retailers are turning to auto-replenishment to deliver the ideal convenience/value equation for their shoppers.

Markets Insider.png
Replenium Reports Key Findings on Shopper Demand for Repeat Purchase Automation

April 14, 2022

Markets Insider Covers research findings on shopper demand for auto-replenishment / repeat purchase automation. 

How Auto-Replenishment Can Connect the In-Store and Online Shopping Experience

February 11, 2022

Mark Baum, Chief Collaboration Officer and SVP of Industry Relations for FMI reports on strategies for addressing increased online grocery shopping trends through auto-replenishment.

Progressive Grocer.JPG
Albertsons Introduces Digital Meal-Planning and Auto-Replenishment Features

December 14, 2021

Progressive Grocer's Managing Editor Bridget Goldschmidt reports on Albertsons Co.'s new convenience offerings to customers including the ability to automatically replenish their most frequently purchased items across categories.

Albertsons launches online auto-replenishment

December 14, 2021

Lead Editor Jeff Wells covers Albertsons launch and planned nationwide rollout of an auto-replenishment tool, developed by Replenium, for online shoppers. 

"Machine learning is able to recommend new products for automatic ordering and calibrate recommended replenishment timing," ...

Supermarket News.JPG
Albertsons launches online meal planning, auto-replenish tools

December 14, 2021

This article by Russell Redman covers Albertsons Co.'s new digital tools designed to enhance the food shopping experience and includes information on how its Schedule & Save and Meal Plan offerings will benefit online food shoppers.

Startups are pitching auto-replenishment services as data collection tools

June 7, 2021


In the e-commerce section of Modern Retail, this article covers services offering the reorder process of household products including groceries along with the potential value of the related data. 

Retailers are positioning for a post-pandemic reset

April 26, 2021


In Chain Drug Review's 2021 Annual State of the Industry Report, Replenium CEO Tom Furphy writes about what customers have come to expect: "Over the next few years — beyond Amazon — there is over $100 billion in e-commerce volume to be won...

Frictionless shopping tools help reinforce loyalty

Dec. 8, 2020


December's issue of Chain Drug Review features a special report on Amazon and ecommerce with vital information about auto-replenishment. 

6 strategies for grocers preparing for the new e-commerce future

May 26, 2020


In this Grocery Dive article, retail experts, including Replenium's CEO Tom Furphy, share insights into how food retailers can retool their online operations...

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