The Replenium Team

Tom Furphy, CEO

Tom is the CEO of Replenium, where he is responsible for overall company vision, serving customers, working with partners, and delivering product to the market.

Tom is also CEO and Managing Director of Consumer Equity Partners, a venture development firm in Seattle, WA. He also serves as Chairman of Ideoclick, Inc., an ecommerce agency that helps over 200 manufacturers, including some of the largest household brands, go to market through Amazon and other key ecommerce platforms. He also serves on a number of public and private company boards and is a sought after speaker on the topics of retail innovation and ecommerce.

Previously, Tom was at Amazon as Vice President, Consumables and AmazonFresh, where he was responsible for building and running the company’s Grocery, Health & Beauty and AmazonFresh businesses.

Prior to Amazon, Tom was the founder and CEO of Notiva, a Software-as-a-Service collaboration platform for retailers and their suppliers to manage business-to-business transactions, which sold to Oracle. He broke into retail through various senior management roles at Wegmans Food Markets.

Justin Leigh, CPO

Justin Leigh is co-founder and CPO of Replenium. Prior to Replenium, Justin worked in marketing strategy at Microsoft, where he was the Sr. Product Manager for the US launch of Microsoft Office 2007. He was responsible for partner marketing strategy for the US OEM sales channel. In this role, Justin managed partnerships and developed go to market strategies with hardware suppliers including Dell, HP, Sony, and Toshiba.

Prior to Microsoft, Justin was’s Sr. Product Manager responsible for CPG partner recruitment and online traffic strategy for Amazon’s consumable businesses. He was a key member of the Grocery store launch team, where he worked with manufacturer partners to leverage web assets across organizations and maximize return on traffic investment.

In these roles, some of the unique challenges of managing brands online became evident and led to the formation of Replenium's product offerings.

John Webb, CFO

John is our Group CFO. Prior to Replenium, John was an investment banker and ran his own registered investment banking firm, and laterly with investment bankers MC Square Capital based in Greenwich CT, where he focused on high growth companies. John was a Managing Director and investment banker with Barclays Capital, and over a career spanning 20 years with the firm he worked in London, San Francisco and New York. John has served as Board Advisor to a number of growth companies. John has experience of working in London, New York and San Francisco. He is currently based in Greenwich, CT and Seattle WA.

Umair Bashir, CTO

Umair brings 20+ years of experience in Software and Product Development at some of the world's largest technology companies. He specializes in building and leading technology teams that have developed large scale web applications at Amazon, Microsoft and Groupon. Prior to Replenium, Umair was head of the technology team that built Amazon's Subscribe and Save program and Recommendations engine. He worked on Display Ads platform for Microsoft and built Groupon's Goods technology stack. He loves diving deep and problem solving real world problems using technology.

Paul Boyer, Chief Counsel

Paul brings a wealth of legal expertise and is a globally-focused technology executive and strategic legal advisor with extensive experience in digital commerce, mobile, IoT and international business. He enjoys finding creative, practical and efficient solutions to closing complex commercial deals that benefit all parties. He brings skilled leadership, sound judgment and balanced risk management to every engagement and have a strong reputation as an innovative and valued partner who moves the business forward and builds lasting relationships.

Business Development
Dan Bourgault, VP, Sales & Business Development

Dan has over 20+ years experience in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. Prior to Replenium, he was Head of Brand Partnerships for Instacart, leading the company’s efforts in developing strong relationships with all CPG companies. His career path is mainly focused in entertainment, CPG, and retail for both e-commerce and in-store digital technology solutions. He has worked for Kodak, Universal Studios, GE/NBC, IZ-ON Media, and In his roles he has been successful across multiple platforms including TV, theme parks, motion pictures, online, mobile and out of home media.

Beccah Rybalsky, Head of Consumer Insights

Beccah brings 20+ years experience in CPG, Retail and Tech Industries, focusing on research and analytics and developing insights to drive decision making for partners. Prior to Replenium, Beccah led Brand Partnerships Insights & Analytics for Instacart where she developed the research and analytics platforms for CPG Partners. Prior to Instacart, she has a wealth of CPG and Retail experience working for companies such as Kraft Heinz, Kellogg's, Kroger and Kao Brands, while also consulting for P&G and Dial through IRI and Ipsos. Her experiences give her a holistic mindset when approaching business issues.

Application Development
Haseeb Ahmed, Services and Customer Experience Lead

Haseeb is what most of you would refer to as a nerd but he prefers being called an Intellectual Rockstar! For the past few years, he's been working with complex architectures such as Micro-services, CQRS, Domain Driven Design & Event Sourcing to name a few. He firmly believes that a proactive approach and a "can do" attitude is all he needs to get any job done. As he would say it, "If you can believe, you can achieve".

Said Sanayebakhsherad, Infrastructure and Security Lead

Said has over 26 years of experience, with the last eight years at Ideoclick/Replenium, designing and developing software system solutions. He has advance degrees in mechanical engineering and computer science from the University of Washington. Said is in charge of our R&D division. He is also our lead cloud infrastructure and promotions service architect.

Victoria Oh, Engagement and Program Manager Lead

A "jill-of-all-trades", Victoria is certainly not a master-of-none, getting the job done by drawing from her decade of experience in Customer Support and Operations Management, and scrappy can-do attitude. When not collaborating with Replenium's partners and supporting the team towards launch of a project, she's learning to play the banjo and make gelatin art.

Terry Nightingale, Replenishment Engine Lead and Architect

For the better part of 30 years, Terry has been honing his talents in the art and science of writing robust, stable, and high-performing computer applications, always with the goal of creating a delightful user experience through delivering software that "just works" the way it is supposed to. When he is not busy creating the next cool replenishment application, Terry likes to enjoy the beautiful scenery and interesting wildlife of the great outdoors.

Dorothy Dean, Design Lead

Dorothy specializes in software systems analysis and how the technology interacts with the visual design to enhance the user experience. Prior to Replenium, she brings over a decade of professional design and photography work, as well as 7 years of military intelligence experience. If she's not buried in Photoshop, you can probably find her knitting her next sweater or in her favorite cider taproom.

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