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How Harmonization within Auto-Replenishment Delivers Household Supply Efficiency

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

As shoppers are becoming more sophisticated, retailers are rising to the challenge by adopting customer tools that enable shopping in ways that match shopper routines and desired conveniences. The integration of auto-replenishment, which is like “shopping on auto-pilot,” is one such customer experience being leveraged to meet shoppers’ expectations.

Via our recent shopper survey, issued through Kantar Marketplace, we explored the reasons why people appreciate repeat shopping automation as well as their ongoing expectations for the experience. We learned the convenience and time savings associated with shopping on auto-pilot were top priorities.

When customers set routine purchases to auto-replenishment, convenience is created in multiple ways. As everyday household and grocery items are set to auto-pilot, shoppers worry less about running out of stock. They can avoid the task of taking inventory of items that are running low, and of managing shopping lists. This reduction in shopping friction not only secures repeat purchases for brands and retailers, it also gives shoppers more time and opportunity for discovery of new or different items.

Through the patent-pending Harmonization capability of Replenium’s Auto-Replenishment Platform, shoppers’ auto-replenished items are aligned into natural groupings and delivery or pick-up cycles, based on preferences they set. Harmonization therefore reduces the total number of deliveries or pick-ups required yet strikes the balance of keeping households in stock on their most regularly used items. The more items across the household – from grocery to cleaning to hygiene and childcare – the more the benefit of harmonization creates an efficiently run household.

While Replenium's harmonization helps cut down on time and costs with shipping and delivery (which also creates cost savings for the retailer), Replenium's machine learning helps improve the shopper's process by recommending the right items with the right frequency. These two capabilities combined greatly enrich the shopper’s auto-pilot shopping experience.

Even with order Harmonization activated, shoppers have the ability to easily adjust their order quantities and frequencies as their situations or lifestyles change. Again, convenience is the name of the game - and no matter how smart a system is, shoppers still prefer the option of having control.

Please see our explainer video that illustrates how our Harmonization capability can help shoppers seamlessly streamline their recurring purchases for total household supply efficiency.


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