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The Opportunity for Retailers

An estimated $120 billion worth of CPG products alone is open
to auto-replenishment by retailers, with even more in the perimeter. Discover how retailers are driving volume and offsetting the higher cost to serve ecommerce.

Exploring Auto-Replenishment

Early results of auto-replenishment implementations within grocery and brand manufacturer ecommerce sites are revealed, along with customer expectations discovered through focus groups and consumer surveys.


Retailer and Brand Loyalty 4.0

The evolution of a loyal customer is constantly changing. Auto-Replenishment is the loyalty tool that one retailer has harnessed to full capacity- Amazon. Amazon does it so well that it drives $1B a month in seamless, frictionless revenue. 

What if others could solve for it as well...


The Future of Shopping is Not Shopping

This retail article covers the results of a 3,500-shopper research study on the propensity for auto-replenishment in shopping for food and beverage items.