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Today's Shoppers Demand Repeat Shopping Automation

This paper reports on recent shopper research that illustrates shoppers' propensity for repeat shopping automation of routinely purchased household and grocery items.

Retailers and brand manufacturers offering subscriptions for enhanced loyalty can elevate their programs with auto-replenishment. This paper illustrates the core differences between the two capabilities and outlines the opportunity for full-basket, predictive, and personalized shopper loyalty experiences.

Propelling Ideal Shopper Loyalty

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The Opportunity for Retailers

An estimated $120 billion worth of CPG products alone is open
to auto-replenishment by retailers, with even more in the perimeter. Discover how retailers are driving volume and offsetting the higher cost to serve ecommerce.

Exploring Auto-Replenishment

Early results of auto-replenishment implementations within grocery and brand manufacturer ecommerce sites are revealed, along with customer expectations discovered through focus groups and consumer surveys.


Retailer and Brand Loyalty 4.0

The evolution of a loyal customer is constantly changing. Auto-Replenishment is the loyalty tool that one retailer has harnessed to full capacity- Amazon. Amazon does it so well that it drives $1B a month in seamless, frictionless revenue. 

What if others could solve for it as well...


The Future of Shopping is Not Shopping

This retail article covers the results of a 3,500-shopper research study on the propensity for auto-replenishment in shopping for food and beverage items.

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