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  • Natalie Raines

The Retail Race for Customer Adoption and Retention

female shopper comparing prices in retail grocery store

It’s no longer enough for grocery, mass, superstore, and drug retailers to just offer savings, or just offer convenience. The new baseline expectation is for both…plus the right product assortment, online and in-store shopping, and fabulous customer service.

As a head of household, I can share that every dollar is not only hard-earned but has multiple “asks” vying for it – so I can relate to those consumers who want retailers to clearly illustrate why we should spend our money at your place of business versus another.

Auto-Replenishment Provides the Path to Customer Loyalty and Recurring Revenue

Here are the highlights of what we (at Replenium) know about grocery shoppers currently using auto-replenishment:

1. Customers are fulfilling their auto-replenishment orders with many products from a broad range of categories, across the entire store. The average number of items per auto-replenishment order can approach 20, versus one to three for traditional subscription categories like pet or skincare. In fact, power auto-replenishment users average over 30 items!

2. The frequency of the auto-replenishment shopping trip is higher. On average, auto-replenishment shoppers have three incremental trips per quarter. This has translated to a 30%+ higher customer value.

3. The features of the Auto-Replenishment Platform from Replenium that differ from simple subscription models - like order harmonization and personalized item and frequency recommendations – make the shopping experience seamless and flexible, which leads to repeat business AND larger basket sizes.

For retailers striving to retain customers and grow unit volume, nothing delivers sustainable results like Replenium Auto-Replenishment. In addition to powerful volume and retention benefits, retailers improve their bottom line via vendor-funded programs and a multitude of expanded retail media opportunities affiliated with the offering.

Contact us for a pro-forma estimate of the volume and financial benefits that Replenium could deliver for you.


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