The future of shopping is not shopping


Introducing the frictionless auto-replenishment platform designed for anywhere-integration

Intelligent Product Replenishment Solutions

Brand and Retailer Solutions

Drive basket size and repeat with tools to fundamentally improve and automate routine shopping tasks.

Replenium delivers a turnkey auto-replenishment platform to drive product purchases, smart order/reorder recommendations and long-term customer retention for both retailers and brands.


Within any branded experience, we enable product discovery through a machine-learning recommendation engine and suggest replenishment schedules based on historical product usage.


Replenishments can be standalone, added to shopping baskets, or comprise full baskets themselves. They can be set for store pickup, delivered locally, or shipped by parcel carrier.

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Replenium’s Auto-Replenishment Platform brings the science and capabilities of next-generation shopping through seamless integration into a retailer’s or brand’s ecommerce system. 


With Replenium (Rp), shoppers discover products through a machine-learning engine and schedule product replenishments based on recommendations and historical usage. Rp’s intuitive customer-facing tools give shoppers full control, complete flexibility, and the assurance that they won’t run out of their essential household and personal items.




Staying in stock on essential items 

Saving time

Ease of Shopping



High Impact Marketing

Reward customer loyalty

Marketing annuity ROI



Improve shopping experience

Drive ecommerce economics

Increase Customer Loyalty


Replenishment Management
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Give customers the visibility and control they need to easily manage the restocking of regularly purchased products.

Replenium enables routine purchases to evolve into passive shopping, where products arrive in baskets when needed, like shopping on auto-pilot.

Our predictive and powerful tools automate routine shopping by helping customers manage preferences, find new products, set replenishment schedules, and optimize delivery or pickup - all with little effort yet full control.

As customers reduce hours spent on routine shopping tasks, they are able to discover new products and services to meet their needs.


"We see auto-replenishment as a key growth driver for our brands. Our team at Replenium has a strong track record of results, delivering billions in replenishment volume. Initial results on our sites and with our retailer customers have shown double-digit conversion rates, well above typical averages."

Ecommerce leader, The Clorox Company

Our Team

Our mission is to create intuitive tools that empower shoppers. Our team is comprised of a highly experienced CPG, technology, data, and operations team.

Brand and Media Solutions

Activate product ads and improve ROI by enabling replenishment.


Our solutions can be embedded into digital placements, allowing customers to set replenishment frequencies and schedules on the spot.


Converting advertising engagement into long term customer relationships drives value for brands, retailers, and media companies.

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Certified Microsoft Gold Partner

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